using a CJ3 B and a CJ3 A wrecks in TAHITI

Work done in 2009 and 2010

Part 1 : starting

I love Jeeps, but do not like the CJ-3B because
of that high grill that I find unesthetic, ugly !

Question : why not buy in the US an old Jeep in good shape to rebuild, instead of using wrecks ?
Answer : It is impossible to import old automobiles to Tahiti, they tax 2,5% per year of age on the estimated
cost of the vehicle plus freight, plus VAT, which means importing a 60 year old car bought for $2000 in the States
will end up costing over $20.000  delivered in Tahiti.

Thus the only way is to buy old Jeep wrecks that rust and rot at the bottom of valleys.
Which I did. Thus I have spare gearboxes, axles and engines for sare parts.

So I built a CJ-3A partly using a CJ 3B body and chassis. Engine 1950 flathead Willys.

the CJ-3A being dismanteled. Note the big hole in the cowl.

inside of the CJ-3A

I used the 3B dash because of the good cowl which I cut to lower to CJ-3A heigth (along marked line)

The "good" CJ-3B chassis, stipped of some of the rust, before dismanteling, even the springs.
It had been sitting 25 years outdoors next to the ocean.

Lots of holes and weak spots had to be welded and reinforced

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