My latest project finished (April 2014)

Restoration and modification
of a S
panish 1974 Ebro Diesel Jeep

I bought for a song an old rusted wreck of a 1974 Spanish Ebro Jeep (actually a CJ-3B duplicate)
 with a British Perkins 4-108 Engine driving a Borg Warner T13 four speed (1= 4.58  2= 2.55  3= 1.34  4=1.00  Rev.= 6.01) tranny
(similar to the T98, yet never built in the US) and a standard Spicer T18 transfer case.
Axles are both  full floaters, in front a Spicer 25 and on rear a Spicer 44, with  4.36 reduction gears.

Enerything had to be rebuilt and body was totally shot (humid tropical climate). This is now a new car.

I ordered an aftermarket CJ3-A galvanized body (as I don't like le CJ-3B tall hoods).

The rack is for my daughter's surfboards

I rebuilt everything :  everything dismantled, cleaned, repaired or replaced where necessary, new brakes, brake lines, all new electrics

With the new body

Tired of twisting and fumbling behind the dash, I just cut a big hole and used a M-38 dash plate.
Just remove 4 screws and everything is accessible!
Notice the CJ-5 type hanging pedals and foot emergency brake (bought on Ebay)

The little 4 cyl 1760 cc Perkins 4-108 Diesel engine (extremely reliable, even if a little underpowered,
but I drive slowly on our small island - 40 miles around it)
It gives me 34 MPG (8 liters/100 kms).

The result of 3 years of (fun) work. Actually a new car, should last another 70 years.
It's now my daily driver.