(photos Tahiti-Pacifique magazine archives)

US jeep unload Bora Bora 1942
Unloading the first Jeep in the South Pacific during Bora Bora Navy base construction in 1942

1942 Bora Bora Navy base Jeep
Jeep in front of Vaitape Church during base set-up, Bora Bora 1942

1944 BORA BORA Navy Shore patrol
"Fierce" Bora Bora Navy Shore patrol (1944)

US Navy GPW jeep on atoll, 1944. Ph J. R. Eyerman/Life

1949 CJ2A Tahiti
Willys CJ2A on medical mission on island of Tahiti (1949)
WW2 Navy JEEP in civilian use, ca 1955 Bora Bora
Wahines love WW2 MB-GPW jeeps left on the island by the US Navy  (ca 1955, Bora Bora)

Kaiser Willys jeep Tahiti 1957
a 1949 Willys Jeepster in Tahiti (1956 photo)

195 gendarmerie truck
French gendarmes in Willys MB "control" a bus in TAHITI (1958 propaganda photo)
WW2 jeep Raiatea 1965
Bora Bora WW2 jeep used by Chinese merchants in Uturoa (Raiatea) (ca 1962)

GPW ex US Army Jeep in Taravao, 1963. Courtesy P. Carabasse).

WW2 jeep Papeete (circa 1965)
WW2 jeep on dock in Papeete, 1962)

Shooting "Tiara Tahiti" movie (1962) on the dock in Papeete.

1965 gendarmerie jeep Tahiti
Gendarmes helping "stranded" Vahines, Hotchkiss-Willys jeep (1965 propaganda photo)

jeep kassowitz
A Hotchkiss Willys M201 during the shooting of the movie "L'ordre et la morale" by Kassowitz on the atoll of Anaa in 2011.

Bora Bora Navy Jeep restored
See the details of our restored 1944 Willys MB U.S. Navy Jeep

Restoration of a CJ 3A made out of 2 wrecks.

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